Experience Lightning Fast Communications with ThorPBX

Over the next couple of years BT are switching off the traditional fixed line phone network and ISDN services, one exchange area at a time. Now is the time to switch to ThorPBX™, a fully digital phone system that makes full use of your internet connection to make and receive calls.

Whether your business operates with two phone lines, or two-hundred, ThorPBX™ is a reliable, full-featured phone system and communications platform that offers built-in resilience and leverages the scale and advantages of a ‘cloud-based’ system with no need for additional costly on-site servers or equipment. In fact, switching to a cloud based telephone system can reduce your costs by as much as 50%.

ThorPBX™ is a more than just a phone system. It’s a complete unified communications platform, utilising desktop and mobile communicator apps to deliver voice communications, instant messaging, video conferencing and more.

Microsoft Teams PBX Integration

While ThorPBX™ offers a fantastic and full featured unified communications platform, many larger customers are already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft Teams offers great unified communications functionality, but has limited phone system functionality. That’s where our we can help.

We can integrate ThorPBX™ with Microsoft Teams, delivering full phone system functionality, such as complex IVR greetings and options that are just right for your business. Once your PBX is configured the way you like it, calls can then be seamlessly delivered into Microsoft Teams, giving users the full experience of a phone system and the combined benefits of the Microsoft ecosystem.