You’ve seen the videos being passed around, right?

There’s one of a guy who’s naked on a video call – and doesn’t realise his camera is on.

And another where a woman goes to the toilet and takes her laptop with her.

Head slap moment.

Most people aren’t making mistakes like that. But video calling and conferencing has exploded since most of us had to start working from home.

And we’re getting so many questions about it every day. Such as:

  • Which platform should I use?
  • I read that Zoom and House Party aren’t safe…are they?
  • How can I make video calls and conferences less stressful for me and my team?

So we’ve pulled together a guide to video calls and conferencing while you’re working from home.

Discover which platform is right for you. How to make sure your calls are secure. The etiquette of video calls. And what to do when your internet speed makes video calls frustrating.

PS: You know that we’re here to help with absolutely any technology aspect of your at home work setup, right? If there’s anything that’s frustrating you, tell us and we’ll do whatever we can to fix it. Call the team on 0333 772 0512, or email us at

Read our free guide to video calls and conferencing while working from home.

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